alone sad status for heart breakers and enduring pain

Alone Sad Status For Heart breakers And Enduring Pain:


SAD STATUS For Heart Breakers.

We are giving here the best and most popular

.Alone sad status for heart breakers and enduring pain only touch your broken heart but also translate your wounded spirit, emotions and your loneliness.These status can help you to deliver your thoughts to others.To those who cannot understand you,who underestimate your personality.Who degrade you, hurts you and ignored you.Don’t take tension.

You need not to worry.You can show yourself,your inner qualities,your grief to those people by using our Alone Sad Status For Heart breakers and enduring pain.Alone sad status for heart also provide us with many options to clear your stance to others

Many sad status are given below for you.Use these status for sharing,watsapp status, Facebook status, Instagram and for downloading. Utilize these to show yourself to your X-lover who broke your heart💔, Family and Friends who can’t understand you ever.

BEST 50 alone and sad status for heart:

Sad status are given as follows,

  1. Trust is Like Papers One It’s Crumpled It Can’t Be Perfect Again.
  2. Sometimes All You Need Is One Person Who Cares.
  3. you Hurt Me,But I Still Love You.
  4. No Beauty Shines Brighter Than That Of A Good Heart ❤️.
  5. Every Time I Trust You ,You Show Me Why I Should.
  6. I Really Need To Stop  Emotional About You.
  7. I Stay  Alone,Enjoy my Loneliness.
  8.  Always Remembered We Don’t Talk Anymore.
  9. When People Treat You Like They Don’t Care, Believe Them,They Don’t.
  10. Sick of Crying,Tired of Trying, Yes….,I M Smiling But Inside I’M Dying.
  12. Sometimes, Silence Is Much Better Than Talking,At Least It Don’t Hurt
  13. Feelings Don’t Walk Away,People Do.
  14. Silence Is Most Powerful Scream.
  15. The Most Important Part Of Moving On Is Letting Go.
  16. If I Die Tomorrow,You Will Miss Me.
  17. Don’t Cry For The Person Who Doesn’t Know The Value Of Your Tears.
  18. I Still Care, That’s The Problem.
  19. Please Don’t Interrupt Me While I’M Ignoring You.
  20. Missing Someone Hurts,But What’s Hurts Even More Is knowing That You’re The Reason that They’re Gone.

    More Sad Status: 

    Some more important status are here given as follows:

  21. You Get No Appreciation When You Nice, But People Notice When You Become Bad.
  22. You Will Know The Person’s Heart By The Way They Treat Their Pets.
  23. It Would Be So Much Easier To Disappear…………To save Everyone Trouble.
  24. What Break My Heart 💔 Into Pieces Is Knowing That You Will Forget The Things That I Will Remember Forever.
  25. Bruises Will Go Away , Eventually Even The Pain That Caused Them Will too,But Memory Of How It Happened Won’t.
  26. The Worst Feeling In The World 😭 Is When You Know That You Both Love ❤️💗❤️ Each other  But Still You Just Can’t Be Together.
  27. I May Smile,And I May Laugh But Deep Down My Heart Is A Pain You’ll Never Guess.
  28. I Tell People I’M OK Tell Myself I’M Fine,Then I Look in The Mirror And Laugh Until I Cry Because I Know It Was All Just A Lie.
  29. The More I Don’t Talk To you, Doesn’t Make It Any Better, It Just Makes Me Heart Break 💔 Even More Everyday.
  30. Surrounded By Many People Who Love Me …………………….,But Yet I’M So Alone ………………..,Why Is That? It Is Because You’re Only One Not There. 😭😭😭
  31. Emotionally ………………………. I’M Done.Mentally ………………I Drained Spiritually………….I’M Dead …………………….. And Yet Physically………………..I Smile.😔😔😔😔😒😒.
  33. One Of The Hardest Things In Life Is Watching The Person You Love,Love Someone Else.
  34. If You Want To Be Strong,Learn To Be Alone.
  35. I”M More Broken Than You Think.
  36. I Wish I Could Ignore You,Like You Ignore Me.
  37. There Was Death In My Mouth But Its Taste Comes When You left.
  38. No One Notices Your Sadness And Tear But They Notice Your Mistake.
  39. There Are Two Types Of Pains,…One That Hurts You.Other That Changes You.
  40. I Get Lost In My Mind……….
  41. Love Someone Who Doesn’t Loves Back,You Will Die Everyday.
  42. I Don’t Want To Feel Sad,But life Forced Me To Become Sad.
  43. Silence Is A Girl Biggest Cry,You Call It Jealousy But I Call It Fear Of Losing You.
  44. Hate Is Like an Acid.It Damages The Vessel In Which It Is Stored And Destroyed The Vessel  In Which It is Poured.
  45. You Broke Me ………………..Again.
  46.  47. My Silence Spoke A Thousand Words,But You Never Heard Me.
  47. There is Just Some Days When It All Seems To Be Wrong And Nothing Feels Right
  48.  I Was Your Cure And You Were My Disease .I Was Saving You And You Were Killing  Me.
  49.  Oh I’M Sorry, I Forget I Only Exist When You Want Something From Me.

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