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SAD Shayari For Lovers In Hindi For Facebook and Whats App in 2020

turning lonesome night to day

 SAD Shayari For Lovers In Hindi For Facebook and Whats App in 2020 Shayari is most famous trend among Asia.  People know it as soul satisfying words because these Shayari  words penetrate in soul. This has a great history. It is no struggle of one day.This is came into being with struggle of many years. […]

Latest True Lovers WhatsApp status In English 2020.

What is love?Can True Lovers Found In This Era? It’s a simple question that what is love?and it’s answer is also very simple love is everything in your life which you like with the depth of your heart and soul. But the difficult question is True Lovers found in this era? Do you really think […]

Fear changes to love and then Love change into hate Special status 2020:

Fear?Which kind Do not be scared.This is fear for love.Nobody is generally familiar to this but it exists.It generally place itself in shy people Because  they can easy pray for it.They have their own requirements.Although this kind of people have crush on someone They would never accept it Or never express their feelings because they […]

Latest and brand new update on the sad and hate status 2019

I Hate u Because I Love you, I Know You Love Me But your ego stopped You.

Latest and brand new update on the sad and hate status 2019/2020: Everything  around us need attention.As every living organism have feelings and understand thing’s likewise nonliving things also needs care. Child need care from his mother and mother needs respect from child.This is example of living organism. A House(non living) also need attention keep […]

Latest and Best Sad Status for Your Careless Husband

latest and Best Sad Status for Your Careless Husband: Your sad status for your careless husband is best dazzling yet sentimental status on your Whats App. At that point you are all in all correct to come here. We have rejected the most recent and crisp status thoughts reasonable for spouses. Gives head a chance […]

latest sad status for love and life in English.

What Is “Love”?If You Interested to Know About ‘Sad status about  love and life in English’ Hi Friends,                  Love is a beautiful feeling it is present in the nature,It keeps all senses. Love is closely related to life.These are  related to each-other. According to My view there […]

sad status about sadness for Whats app,Facebook

Do You Know What Is Sadness? Hey Friends,Science said Sad status about sadness is a way to express your emotions to others.sadness  is an emotional pain related with loss. despair,grief,helpless,disappointment and sorrow.An example of severe condition of sadness is depression.Crying can be an indication of sadness.In simple words sadness is the first impression of your […]