SAD Shayari For Lovers In Hindi For Facebook and Whats App in 2020

 SAD Shayari For Lovers In Hindi For Facebook and Whats App in 2020

Shayari is most famous trend among Asia.  People know it as soul satisfying words because these Shayari  words penetrate in soul. This has a great history. It is no struggle of one day.This is came into being with struggle of many years. Different people make their huge contribution in this field by the passage of time. Most biggest poets of Asia found popular around the world.

Biggest Name of Poets for Shayari  in Asia:

There are many Famous poets.We are going to introduce some poets here as follows:

Mirza Ghalib

It is one of the most famous shayr of the Asian history.Mirza Ghalib was born in Kala Mahal, Agra, to a family of Mughals who moved to Samarkand (in present-day Uzbekistan). His paternal grandfather, Mirza Qoqan Baig, was a Seljuk Turk and who had emigrated to India from Samarkand during the reign of Ahmad Shah. And he worked in Lahore, Delhi and Jaipur, received the Pahasu sub-district, and finally settled in Agra, UP, India. He had four sons and three daughters. Mirza Abdullah Baig and Mirza Nasrullah Baig were two of their children.


What a fear it is in the dark of evening
Ask those birds who don’t have homes


Good news my friends, the door of this ancient book
It is now open, due to Syed’s grace and fortune,


The eye began to see,  arm found strength
What was wrapped in ancient clothes,
Now put on a new dress.


And this idea of ​​yours, to establish your text and edit the A’in
Shames his exalted ability and potential,


He put his heart on a task and was pleased
And he became an auspicious and free servant.


Someone who is not able to admire its quality.
I would certainly praise him for this task,


For such a task, of which this book is the basis
Only a hypocrite can praise.

I, who am an enemy of simulation
And have a sense of my own truthfulness,


If I don’t congratulate you on this task
It is appropriate that I find occasion to praise.


I have nothing to say to the wicked
No one knows what I know about arts and letters,


All over the world, this merchandise has no buyer.
What benefit could my Master expect?


It must be said that it is an excellent inventory.
So what is there to see that is worth seeing?

May God have everything you could want Let an auspicious star direct all your affairs.

  May God have everything you could want
Let an auspicious star direct all your affairs.


As we know that MIRZA GHALIB is  a poet of grief and he spent most of the part of his life alone. He also spent a poor needy life. He spent his life in simplicity with great contentment. These all things became a helping hand for making his poetry soul penetrating. therefore he shows all his experiences of life through the help of his poetry(shayari)

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And if you talk to me about Laws and Rules
Open your eyes and in this former place of detention


Look at the sahibs of England.
Look at the style and practice of these,


See what laws and rules have been made for everyone to see
What nobody saw, they have produced.


Science and skills grew at the hands of these experts
Their efforts exceeded the efforts of the ancestors.


These are the people who have the right to Laws and Rules
No one knows how to govern a land better than them,

Justice and wisdom that you have done as one They have g iven hundreds of laws to India

Justice and wisdom that you have done one
They have given hundreds of laws to India


The fire that one took from the stone
How well these experts get out of the straw!


What spell have they hit in the water?
That a steam propels the boat in the water!


Sometimes the steam takes the boat to the sea
Sometimes steam lowers the sky to the plains.


Steam makes the wheel of heaven spin round and round
Steam is now like oxen or horses.


The steam makes the speed of the boat
Make the wind and waves redundant.


Ghalib is famous for his ghazals written in Urdu. But he also used to write poems in the Persian language. His talent flourished at a young age; He wrote most of his poems at the age of nineteen. Initially, his ghazals conveyed the pain of love, but he expanded the horizon. He pressed the Urdu language to express the countless pains and philosophies of life. This turned Ghalib’s poetry into a masterpiece.Read more

His instruments make music without the bow
They make words fly high like birds:


Oh don’t you see that these wise people
Do you get news of thousands of miles in a couple of breaths?


They inject fire into the air
And the air shines like embers,


Go to London, because in that bright garden
The city is bright at night, without candles.


Look at the experts’ businesses:
In each discipline, one hundred innovators!

Before the laws and rules that the times have now All the rest have become things of yore,

           Before the laws and rules that the                                  time  have now
         All the rest have become things of yore,


In Ghalib’s time, Urdu was a highly ornamental language; made it interesting by making it informal. He also composed humorous prose. The letters written to his friends are ample proof of that humor. In fact, the modern Urdu language is indebted to Mirza Ghalib. He made the language beautiful and gave it life.


Wise, sensible and prudent, does your book
Do you have such good and elegant laws?


When you see a gem treasure
Why should corn be harvested from that other harvest?


Well if you talk about his style it’s good
No, it’s much better than everything you’re looking for


But everything good always has a better
If there is a head, there is also a crown for it.


Do not consider that Generous Source as insignificant
It is a date palm that drops a sweet light, like dates.


Worshiping the dead is not an auspicious thing
And you wouldn’t think it is either
no more than just words?

The rule of silence pleases my heart, Ghalib
You spoke well without a doubt, not speaking is also good.


Here in this world your creed is to worship everyone
Sons of the prophet,
Go beyond praising, your Law asks you to pray:


Above we have provide some amazing and un-seen but marvelllously mind blowing shayari specially translated in englinsh. This is a small moment to provide a tribute to our amazing shayar “MIRZA GHALIB”.  also a try to promote his shayari among the west as well as east.WE request all of you that if you like it please leave a comment to represent your feelings about MIRZA GHALIB’s shayari.

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